Garage Door Opens A Little Then Stops? 5 Solutions

New garage door

How frustrating can it be if your garage door only opens a few inches then stops? It’s essentially useless now, as you won’t be able to get your car out or in the garage if you need to do so. 


For the most part, this should be a rare instance. After all, garage doors are built to withstand daily use, which is around 2-6 cycles on average. But in case it does happen, there could be a number of reasons why your garage door only opens a little then stops. It could be something in your sensors, the logic board, or maybe just dead batteries in your remote. 


The important thing is to know which parts to check in order to determine why the garage door is not cycling properly. And if you’re at a loss, call a garage door repair team right away.


Here are five possible solutions if your garage door opens a little then stops:

Check the Photo Eye Sensors

Garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that keep the doors from crashing down onto something in its way. It’s an important tool that can prevent any accidents with your pets or young children. Sometimes, the sensors can be triggered by things in its line of sight, including toys, garbage can, or built-up debris on the lens.


To prevent inaccurate sensor feedback, make sure to keep your sensors clean from any cobwebs, dust, or dirt. Use a damp cloth to wipe the lenses every once in a while. Also, make sure the line of sight isn’t blocked by any object.

Adjust the Travel Limit and Force Limit Settings

Travel and force limit on your settings refers to how far the garage door opens and closes during each cycle. The travel limit controls how far the doors can open and close per operation, while the force limit controls how much pull is required to open the doors completely. 


If there are any inconsistencies with these settings, that could affect the length the door cycles upwards and downwards. You may need to turn the screws on the side or push the colored buttons in order to adjust the settings. Call a professional garage door repair if you don’t want to DIY and risk damaging the doors.

Check the Springs

As always, the springs have a major role in the entire garage door system. If any of the springs break, or if it’s become too rigid from wear and tear, it could impact the opening and closing of your garage doors. And the exact situation of the doors opening a bit then stopping can happen.


Get help from a garage door service company if you have a garage door spring repair due. Dealing with spring replacement and installation is a job for experts only, and can be potentially dangerous if done by an amateur. Let the technicians handle this one!

Check the Logic Board

Like the sensors, the logic board is part of the system that retrieves and interprets signals on how the garage doors should move. And if your garage doors open a little then stops, there may be an issue with the logic control board. Especially if you’re sure that there are no obstructions on your sensors, and the remote has batteries intact. 


You could consult a garage door repair team – they have the know-how on rebooting the logic control board. Sometimes, a simple reset done a couple of times can solve the issue of your doors not opening all the way. 


You could also ask if you need only a new opener or if you already need to replace the logic board. Buying just the opener will be less costly than replacing the logic control board. Of course, if is is the cause of the problem, you have little choice but to purchase a new one.

Check the Metal Parts

Lubricating your garage doors regularly sounds mundane, yes, but it can be a big factor in preventing your doors from opening a little then stopping suddenly. Lubrication (not WD-40!) can keep the unit working smoothly even in cold weather conditions. Remember that metals tend to shrink or contract if there are changes in temperature. Springs, hinges, and other metal parts can affect the movement of your doors, and contribute to it moving only a few inches then stopping.


Make sure to lubricate these parts or have a professional do regular maintenance work on your garage doors. That way, you can make sure that any unwanted shrinking or contraction won’t cause improper movement of the garage doors.

Leave Garage Door Repairs to Professionals

If you’ve exhausted every solution we mentioned here, it’s best to just rely on experts to learn what’s causing your garage doors to open a little then stop. You’ll have to fork a fee, but it will be a valuable investment to keep your garage doors safe and properly cycling when you use it. 

We can help with any kind of garage door repair and garage door maintenance needs. Our team is licensed, trained, and have the necessary qualifications to address any problems with the garage doors’ movement. Don’t hesitate to send us an email or call to let us know what you need today!